A Night to Remember-Coronis Annual Awards 2019

It was a hard decision of what to wear, tie or bow tie, blue shirt or black and even what color shoes. Nothing beats Saturday night with the family, also I have never been to an awards night, so for me leaving my family behind and going to such a night was another tough decision. I would rather stay home and do a movie night with my family. But my curious side wanted to know, what the fuss is all about.

Is it just an award night or something else? As soon as I got the invitation, for a moment I thought ‘Naa better stay home and watch a movie over the popcorns’.

Coronis Annual Awards are celebrated each year and people are nominated from different departments of the company based on their performance in respect to their field. The winner is then are some special awards given out to the highest performers representing their own field or company values.

Curiosity had the best of me and we (me and my wife) decided that I go alone as children were not allowed and my son is not a babysitter’s kind. We moved from Sydney to Brisbane around 6 months back, curiosity and adventure was a part of that decision.

I started to enquire about the awards from all different people, it was a mixed opinion which doubled my curiosity. And so, the day came, dressed up in wardrobe designed by my wife who has the best taste when it comes to me.

I was dropped off by her around 6:15 PM at Boundary Road, Brisbane City. It is a busy road that ends with a roundabout under the famous Story Bridge. Most pickup and drop off happen at this place and so it can get, a bit crowded at times.It was a walk of approximately 7 mins, my heart was pumping, and excitement was building up slowly.

Finally, I saw the red carpet. Right on the water edge overlooking the Story Bridge, this hall has both the beauty and elegance of being a truly amazing place for parties and gatherings. I was instantly greeted by a showman dressed as a policeman or a captain and he did a pretty good job to calm my nerves down. Tyson James (Director of Finance, Coronis) joined in for a perfect red-carpet picture.

As I moved forward, I was trying to find familiar faces and more I came close to the main entrance the more crowded it got and slowly in the free-flowing beers and wine, I started finding familiar faces. While everyone was basking in the company of their team and friends the fireworks started, and the sky lit with million sparkles. It took everyone by surprise.

Most took phones and started recording it while some hugged their partners and felt the warm moment. 10 mins of fireworks shook something in me, the feeling of belonging and being special.After fireworks it was time to find the seat. The seating arrangement was neatly displayed on the stand-up board right outside the entrance to the main hall.

I was seated on table 17 next to Michelle and joined by Soloman, his better half Maria, Brad and his lovely wife (Coorparoo team). Met some other familiar faces, all looking gorgeous and beautiful while who could not make it, were missed.

MC for the night was none other than Sylvia Jeffreys, a well-known Journalist and News presenter. She started cautiously not to ruffle any feathers but as soon as the proceedings got underway, she knew nothing is off limits. As the awards were being announced the Dinner started coming in. I must say the service as just brilliant.

During all this eating, the rap battle segment came up and if I need to define it, I would say it was the second-best act of the night. Coronis has 5 groups and the team in those group got together and shot the rap video relating to real estate and it was a top act. Each video was independently judged and the winners ‘The Wolf Pack’ and ‘Rubix Cube’ shared the trophy.

As the night progressed, teams and people cheered for Nominees and Winners, the ambience got better and louder. Nominations are based on the performances and hard work. I have already told you about the second-best thing of the night, but the best thing about the night was Helen Reber taking away the Tim O’Neill trophy*. To everyone’s surprise she not only won the award that night, she had also won the fight against cancer. Survivor and Winner in true sense!

I went in to experience what the furore was all about. For me Red Carpet, fireworks, drinks and food was as good as it gets but how the winners embraced their leaders, partners and team was the main attraction. Yes, these awards were not Loggies, Emmys or Oscars, but the feeling was, the atmosphere was, the enthusiasm was. There was a sense of belonging for all who were there. For nominees and winners, it was their Loggie, Oscar, Golden Globe- their everything.

I saw passion, emotion and pride. I saw respect, motivation and happiness. I saw glamour, glitz and 400 beautiful and amazing people under one roof. My decision to come here paid off.

And then the party was officially announced by Andrew Coronis (Managing Director, Coronis). There was drinking, dancing and lots of fun. I left the party around 10 PM with lot of positive vibes.

An amazing job done by Organisers, Photographers and Venue staff.

Can’t wait for next year.

*This award recognises those who have demonstrated outstanding qualities across all elements of Coronis Culture. They are the epitome of a true Coronian and live by Coronis Values. They consistently support their team both professionally and personally, regardless they receive recognition or not.