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Written by- Avjeet Gill (Avi)
5 min read
9 sep 2018


Recently, I had a great opportunity to meet Josef Huber. Josef runs Seachange Cafe in partnership with Pawel. Pawel is the face of the business and you will see him very often running the business. Josef is more of a back-end person. Situated on the new look Deewhy Beach, this place not only offers some mouth watering and eye soothing food but beautiful views of the beach.

Me and my family has been regulars for nearly 4 years now and when I decided to start my lifestyle blog, I had no second thoughts, I knew where to start. Though being regular for some time, I was meeting Yusuf for the first time.

My vision was to go, have a coffee and chat about food and his journey but what I got was far unexpected. A warm and welcoming Yusuf has a totally different take on life. He is a philosopher, a risk taker, humble and down to earth kind of guy. Not for a single moment in our one and half hour discussion I looked anywhere else.

Yusuf took over Seachange cafe in 2015 and since then this cafe has won hearts of thousands. It’s not only the menu that pulls you every time you crave coffee, it has an addictive combination of heart and soul on the plate. While I was there I could hear staff singing, I guess one of them had a birthday.

What is so good and happening about the cafe is the culture, warm smiles, suggestions, description of food and the whole philosophy behind its name itself. The cafe is run with so much passion and zeal that for a second you forget about all the Hustle and bustle around you. For cold evening, please make yourself comfortable with cosy red throws provided.

There is something for everyone. Yusuf believes that if you take care of your customers, customers take care of the business. You must love what you do. Nobody will tell you what you love, it must come from within. It’s a quest and those to fulfil it, go very far in their lives. You cannot be happy doing what you don’t like, and it will affect everyone around you. Spend time with yourself and find it out.          

Upon entering the cafe, does not matter how busy the restaurant is, you will be welcomed with very warm smiles, you will be made comfortable, served water well looked after. The menu has everything from Brekki to Dinner. The food is very reasonably priced but when compared to presentation, taste and generous portion size, money is spent well.

Repetition is the key. Somethings we want to do in life take a month and other things might take a year and so on. If you eat an apple today, it won’t make you healthy right away, but if you repeatedly eat without fail for 5 years, then only can you become healthy.

“Form good habits in your life and business, and repetition is the key to this Josef says, do it until it becomes automatic, till its fixed in your subconscious mind. Cultivate as many good habits as you can and replace bad ones, because your habits determine what you get out of life”. Yusuf’s philosophy about food, life and business is amazing.

Weather its Salmon and prawn salad which can give anyone envy on the food table or apple-watermelon-mint juice, everything just tastes so fresh and warm that it leaves a craving to come back for more.

The energy and passion show everywhere. In food, hospitality, ambience, everywhere. Menu has mixed options, there is something for everyone. If you are a Seafoody (just invented the term) please do try Seafood Paella, enough for 2-3 people and if you there just to have a hot, fresh coffee try with Farmer’s omelette with it. Whatever your taste, something is there to suit it.

For Chicken choosy people, I will recommend Portuguese Chicken on Turkish bread. There are heaps of options for meat loves as well. Gluten free options are also available.

“Why I recommend this place?”

It has a positive food vibe, though place could be little bit bigger I would recommend not sitting on the left inner side as people going to toilet and staff serving might make you little bit uncomfortable. Otherwise rest of the sitting is totally fine.

If you are Deewhy beach, do not forget to try this place out. Have a coffee with art of your choice heart, leaf or my personal favourite The Elephant. You will be amazed at how good the barista is in doing so.

Sydney is beautiful, but cafe’s like Seachange make it an amazing experience.


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