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Written by - Avjeet Gill
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Publish Date- 12 Nov 2018
I was given only 3 weeks’ notice. Thanks to the Director of and team for giving me the opportunity to represent them at the event. We were going to attend the Diwali Fare in Brisbane central on George street.
We quickly got into mode and prepared the marketing material. Had absolutely no idea what to expect. Our team had never done something like this where we were expecting 10,000 people.
Diwali is a very popular Indian festival. It is celebrated with lots of colours and fireworks. In Hindu tradition it is celebrated as win of good over evil when Lord Ram came home to Ayodhya after defeating Ravan.
In Sikhs it is celebrated when their 6th Guru or Teacher Sri Hargobind Sahib ji rescued 52 kings from the Fort of Gwalior (Madhya Pradesh) from the clutches of the then Ruler Jahangir.
This festival is also known as Indian Christmas in Western world on a lighter note.

For whatever reason an individual celebrates it, it is a huge phenomenon world over for Indian community.

Coming back to our preparations for the event, we got into the mode fairly quickly. Marketing pamphlets were ordered, banner design was finalised, business cards were reordered, million ideas of attracting customer were thrown, though only few were actioned.

We wanted to make a banner for the table we were being provided but with everything online these days, it was hard to make assumptions on measurements, so we had to leave it out.

My motivation was people I was going to meet there. So many different people, dance, that vibe, the rush, the food, you name it, I was absolutely excited. We had got the sheets ready to write down the names of all potential clients.

Flight from Sydney to Gold coast was very comfortable. We landed at the same time we took off 3:30 PM as Sydney is 1 hour in advance from Queensland, so like a time machine we transferred ourselves from Sydney to Gold Coast.

After settling down, freshening up we had a wonderful dinner at Bombay express Indian Restaurant in newly built Pimpama shopping complex. The food tasted awesome. Thanks to the staff for hospitality.  

I went to sleep, but not before preparing for the big day by watching, what else Conjuring Chapter 3. Had a bit of sleepiness night, partly because of new place and partly a bit of excitement for tomorrow.

We were requested by the management to be there by 9 AM but the fare was actually starting around 11 AM. We were there 8:30 AM and we set ourselves up within minutes. Now we were waiting for 11 AM. It was really hot even at 9 AM.
Thanks to the position of the fare, everything was close. Got fan, some lollies and some decorations to make the stall look bit welcoming and comfortable.

Right opposite was the casino with air conditioners running, its door was like an enchanted cave where you stand in the front, and the cold air on such a hot day just pulls you in like a some has casted a spell on you.

Still had plenty of time before the fare started, went around to see what was happening. The fare was on the edge of Brisbane River, next to Brisbane Square Library and shopping centre just across the road.

With approximately 30 stalls with lot of variety, from food to books, banks to RIA financial services, the atmosphere was full of diversity. The stage was beautifully decorated with ample sitting arrangement with shade for audience on hot day.

Fare started at 11 AM, thanks to the organisers specially to the ground staff who actually were able to open the street in spite of few food stall still getting their stuff around. I took advantage of our early arrival and went around to meet some lovely people who were sponsoring and sporting the event.

There was so much positive vibe and love that it is hard to explain in words, the whole atmosphere was setting up slowly for which was going to be a big, busy night. I took, this opportunity to click some pictures and introduce myself to as many people as I could.

There were lawyers, spiritual guides, chefs, organisers, dancers and so many different people who were unique in their own way and what they were representing.

It was initially slow, partly because it was a working day and other reason it was hot. A cool wave came in around 3 PM to much of our relief though it lasted for few minutes.  I was admiring the food stalls who were cooking food in such high temperatures, I won’t be wrong if I say the temperature in those stalls and vans might have reached 42 degrees. Hats off to them.

I was able to watch some initial opening acts, mostly dancing. There were, on the spot dancing classes encouraging people to participate and learn the dancing, did not want to miss the opportunity, so I also tried few steps.

Around 6PM, the crowd started to build up. Weather was cooling down as well. Me and my team were here for almost 9 ½ hours  now and during this time I had some delicious dosa, samosas, biryani and gulab jamuns, don’t know about my team members, but we all ripped into those food stall before it all got busy.

From 6-10 PM, had no idea where those 4 hours went, our team was overwhelmed with the response we got from the first home buyers and investors who came to our stall, had a good friendly chat, signed up for an appointment and above all took time to know us and what we do, in an atmosphere where fragrance of delicious food invites your stomach to attack it.

Some just came for our lollies but in turn gave us blessings, which I guess is very important in today’s world. The highlight of the whole fare was the chief guest “The Great Khali” and Indian International WWE wrestler. He is a really big guy with a good heart. Seeing him up close was an amazing experience.

By 10 PM my feet were exhausted. The strength was almost gone and it was time to wrap up things. I had such a good experience and I would love to thank the people of Brisbane who came out in numbers, enjoyed the food and above all supported the event. Events like this help the communities to come together, have fun, know about the culture, understand and love each other.

Australia is very special country and the beauty of this country lies in its diversity, acceptance and respect of other cultures. I would like to thank the FICQ (Organising Committee), the chefs and all the staff who made my day by cooking some awesome, fresh and lovely dosas.
Big shout out to Naveen who was on the floor organising the whole event, to the graceful councillor Angela Owen who came and met us at our stall, the police officers who took picture with us and the medical staff who was there to make sure everyone was safe.

The Fare ended with fireworks on the river side, the sky lit up with beautiful colors and pleasantly surprised faces. All age groups enjoyed the show from kids to aged. A busy, crowdy and fun filled day came to an end.

We packed our bags and thanked Naveen (the operator of the fare) who came to see us at our stall at the end of the day.

This trip gave me a chance to catch up with my friends and clients which was a great end to a good start. 

I would like to request all the people who came to our stall and gave us their names to contact us. We will be sending emails out and would be glad if we can get you into your new home or find you an investment.  

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