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Written by- Avjeet Gill (Avi)
5 min read
10 Sep 2018

This story is about an IT graduate who was always curious of ‘what is behind the wall. Amarjit, a born adventurer, a keen reader gave me insights on his journey from working at a café to becoming a luxury home builder.  A novel Alchemist, written by Brazilian Author Paulo Coelho changed his way to perception towards life. Novel is all about going after your dreams and one’s destiny.

After his graduation, he looked around for job. “It looked as if, a desk was just waiting for me out there, all I need was finish off my studies, wear a tie, and start working just like that”. He wished it was that easy.

First few interviews looked promising, but he was never able to go over the line. “It was hard for me to figure out what was I doing wrong?” Gradually he understood that he was only an IT graduate and his competition was, graduates with multiple degrees.

He started working 2 jobs, a kitchen hand at a café in morning and sue chef in the evenings. In afternoon he would go for the interviews. “It was a tough time, mentally. There were times when I used to fall asleep with food still on the table, and no strength to even look at it.”

When did mornings turned to evenings, and evenings turned to night, he had no idea. “At the end of the day, my body was so exhausted, even a nice cup of hot chocolate would not give me much needed break. Sometimes I would show myself some arrogance and put my feet up on the table and pretend to be relaxing on a beach.”

After losing interest in finding job in an IT company, Amarjit got a fresh lease of life, ALDI came to Australia. He had good resume and got selected straight away. “Worked there for 8 years, starting as an assistant, worked my way to become an Area Manager. I had company car and 40 odd employees who reported to me”.

“I had to make a choice”

Thru a stable job Amarjit was finally able to save enough money to buy his first piece of land in Ponds, now known as The Ponds. When an adventurer meets another, life takes a sharp turn, for better or worst. For him it was for better. With support of people around me an idea of constructing the house as owner builder, a first step towards his destiny.

The more he learnt about the building side of things, the more he was drawn into it. “By the time my house was complete I was fully into building. My mind was always working on ways to spread knowledge I have gained. Having no prior experience of building nor building my own home qualified me as a builder I needed to make a decision”. One evening he decided to take the plunge. Resigned from ALDI altogether, found a on the site supervisor in some family run building company.

” Work took me by surprise, it tested my limits”. He was working with people with middle eastern background and being an Indian had no idea what they were talking about half the time. Site supervisor was just by name, he was a more of a labourer. Some days he would be toeing bricks, other day cleaning the site or emptying the bins.

“Is this what I want to do?”

From Area manager to a labourer. “Many times, I decided to quit but I knew I had to take control over my mind, fulfil my destiny”. Amarjit applied for an office job in the same company, and finally after 13 months of rigorous following up, got one. Bit of a reprieve. Slowly he started building his own network and, on the side, finished Diploma in building.

After working in the company for 3 years he got his first contract in 2016 and opened his own company. Finally, a full-fledged builder, the real challenge was yet to come.” I had tough time to find like-minded people. People who I could trust, people I could rely upon. Remember to stick to your guns, your job and right people will slowly come along”.  Sometimes I would sleep on site and I was too tired to even drive home.. Pressure of getting things done was tremendous.

“Believing is the key

Amarjit has always been a team player, he believes in his team. He guides them wherever needed. “I can proudly say, I have a very efficient team, it took me a while to find the right people, but I never stopped trying to find the best.”

Evolution is happening every day. Humans have been given a gift “choice”. We have been growing ever since our existence, why stop now”.  Amarjit believes as a human, we should never stop learning, experimenting, trying new ideas, finding innovation in whatever we do in everyday lives. “My greatest purpose is to find ways in which I can reach out to my clients and help them achieve their dreams. Share whatever knowledge I have. Build homes not only for today but tomorrow”. House needs to be future ready, big houses don’t generally mean they are functional, small houses if built property can serve a great purpose.

Right now, Amarjit is working on 4 projects and proudly sticks to simple and strict vision of Quality, service and Honesty, and he means it.

My name is Amarjit Khakh and I followed my dream.

Do you have it in you, to follow yours.

Story narrated and printed with permission of Amarjit Khakh, Director Ajit Constructions Pty. Ltd.

Story written and edited by Avjeet Gill.

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Note: Events described in the story are true as of 05/09/2018. Stories and content are copyright of Avjeet Gill and should not be used or distributed without permission at any time.

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