It’s again that time of the year. Holidays, Festivities, Break from Work, Parties. Time to slow down a bit after giving it your best all year round, time to slow down and may be, just may find few moments for yourself. Sit down with yourself over a coffee and try to-

Reflect on all the good and bad things that happened over this year.
Try to remember and cherish the good ones and forget, move on, on the bad ones.

Reflect on the things that were done and things that were left to be taken care of later and never saw the light.
Try to keep doing the good work and next time put a little bit of effort to find time for things less important, never know you might Learn a Thing or Two.

Reflect to the wrong things that might have been done or said and Right Things that made you proud.
Try to avoid the things that don’t make you proud and concentrate efforts on ones that do.

Reflect to all the moments that made someone happy and ones that ruined it all.
Try to cherish those happy moments and silently apologise for the ones that broke someone’s heart and make efforts to not do it again.

Reflect on the smallest of the achievements and biggest setbacks.
Celebrate them, look up the sky, seek blessing and be humble, and for the setbacks, learn from them, make yourself strong and brush them off. But ‘Do not forget them’.

Reflect on people you have helped, and ones you could have helped but held back.
Remember a good deed never goes un-noticed, do it for them not You.

Reflect on all the chances that you took and ones you missed.
As the popular saying goes “Time and chance comes in everyone life, make sure when its time take your chance”

Reflect on all the laughs and silent cries over the year.
Life is short, laugh when you get a chance and cry when you are alone.

Reflect on all the smiles you threw that made someone’s day and missed chances of throwing one
Remember “Smiling makes more friends than frowning”

Reflect on the efforts you made and times when you gave up.
Make something very clear moving forward “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe it can be achieved” so next time you think of giving up, try a little harder.

Reflect on the things you may have wanted to say to someone but hesitated and ones you should have never said.
Try to speak your heart out, if you love someone, show them and pray that next time you say something, it brings people together not divide them.

Reflect on the friends and family that stood by you in the time of need and people who used you for their own means.
Thank God for the support and make your loved ones feel special and for the ones who used you- ‘God bless them with brains’

Last but not the least, Reflect to all the beautiful moments and the ugly ones too.
Capture the beautiful ones, save them close you your heart and simply forget the ugly ones. No one wants to friend with a Loser.

So, my friends, find Time for yourself, Talk to Yourself, Find yourself and above all improve Yourself. Always remember ‘You’ are the most important thing to yourself, if you are happy so is everyone around you. Treat yourself and make every moment around you special, not only Yourself but for everyone around you. You cannot enjoy this amazing world alone.


Avi Gill is an accomplished Finance Specialist and a Blogger.

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